What do you think about learning Spanish through readings? How has your experience been so far?

I think that learning Spanish through readings is a great way to get engaged with different stories and characters, and helps to learn grammar and vocabulary.

I think it has been extremely helpful since it helps me better understand different grammar such as the difference between preterite and imperfect, and at the same time it allows me to learn a lot of new vocabulary.

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Would you prefer to have a paper book? Are you getting used to eReaders?

I prefer to have a e-books because e-Readers are better for the environment and more easily accessible if I don't have my backpack with me.

Having a book on the computer is more convenient, and if there's a word I don't know, I can look it up with ease.

I am getting used to e-Readers and I think they are easier because I don't have to carry anything around.

What do you think about the different activities in the books?

The vocabulary list, SO useful!

I like the way the grammar from the activities lines up with the grammar in the stories. I also like the way one learns vocab with MLT. Not only do you just learn the words themselves, but you also learn phrases, and how do use them in context.

I like that there are activities for every chapter to ensure that we understand the book and are learning whatever we are intended to learn.

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What do you think about having the answers at the end of the books? Do you think that it is a good thing to have or not? And the vocabulary at the bottom?

I actually didn't know that there were answers at the end of the book but now that I know that it will be helpful! I do really like the vocabulary at the bottom because it is super helpful while reading.

Vocabulary at the bottom is very helpful, but I usually read with a Spanish dictionary anyway. Still, vocabulary at the bottom helps show the meaning of the word IN THIS CONTEXT.

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What do you think of having access to a Spanish e-Book library?


I think it is extremely helpful since it makes the stories easily accessible.

I like having access to a Spanish e-Book library. That is another perk of online reading because it allows for multiple Spanish books to be read instead of just the one we are reading for class.

Having access to the e-book library is a great resource because it increases my ability to learn lots of new vocabulary and grammar. I can see it used in context as well, which is helpful.

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What stories have you enjoyed the most from these and in what order?

The found fascinating that when we ask the students to vote for their favorite book, there is no agreement. They have so many different preferences and experiences when the book was read. They LOVE the books, but what we have learned is that the more options that you give the students the better. Aim to read several books in class and also offer when possible Free Reading Day, so they can make their own choices.

As a sample, here are some Testimonials from some Spanish 3 students.

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SONGS: What do you think about the songs that we have seen in class so far? Which one do you like best?

Here are some Testimonials from some Spanish 3 students.

I like Vive la vida and Mi corazón está haciendo pum pum. I really like all of the karaoke because it is a fun way to learn and not stressful at all.

My favorite song is Mi corazón está haciendo pum, pum, although I do enjoy them all.

Mi corazón está haciendo pum, pum, Mira, está nevando, Vive la vida (mandatos), La canción del future, La canción del subjuntivo

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